Talent Solutions

Talent attraction and retention and the strategy and plan behind it, is critical to any organization’s success and sustainability.

  • Many impact organizations do not have the recruitment, retention, and engagement strategies needed to ensure their most important asset (people) and succeed in today’s competitive market.
  • The cost of a wrong hire and employee turnover can be financially and programmatically devastating to an organization.

The key is to utilize best practices in hiring and management

  • Smart organizations look beyond the resume to ensure they have a pool of highly motivated and eager prospects who want to align themselves with your mission and organizational culture.
  • Nurturing and investing in top talent equates to a critical investment in the delivery of your mission. Defining, cultivating and celebrating your culture, your collective successes, and providing the environment for your team to grow and prosper are the keys to retaining your best and brightest.

That is why Apparatus invested in a Chief Talent Officer – for our own growth and the growth of our clients. Our practice started with talent acquisition and recruitment expertise. We have a deep network in the nonprofit sector and can work beyond posting a job on a job board to bring you the best candidate; not just the best candidate who applied.

Beyond hiring, your organization relies on the growth and engagement of your staff. Talk to us about our talent retention, development and succession planning systems. We can help get and keep the talent engine in your organization running smoothly.

Our full Talent Solutions include:

  • Executive Search/Recruiting
  • Talent Management & Development
  • HR Policy Development
  • Payroll Processing & Reporting
  • Payroll and Benefits Best Practices Review
  • Salary and Benefits Benchmarking
  • Benefits Administration
  • Retention and Succession Planning
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • Tax Filings